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Organization Structure

The South Carolina Commission for the Blind is committed to providing quality services to individuals who are blind and visually impaired, leading to competitive employment and self-sufficiency and independence within their homes and communities.

In this regard, our Board of Commissioners works with our Senior Management Team to ensure we are providing our consumers with the best services using up-to-date technology.

Board of Commissioners

1st Congressional District

Dr. Judy Johnson - Chair
2nd Congressional District

Catherine Olker
3rd Congressional District

Mary Sonksen - Secretary
4th Congressional District

5th Congressional District

Peter Smith - Vice Chair
6th Congressional District

Susan John
7th Congressional District

Senior Management Team

Darline Graham

Matthew Daugherty
Director of Operations

Luis Mendoza
Interim Director of Human Resources

Karma Marshall
Interim Director of Vocational Rehabilitation Consumer Services

Rhonda Thompson
Director of Older Blind, Prevention & Children’s Services

Marcellous Primus
Director of Business Enterprise Program

Kisa Grate
Director of Training and Employment

LaJuana Dawson
Interim Director of Information Technology

J. Michael Daniels II
Director of Quality Assurance

Elaine Robertson
Senior Consultant

Mark Gamble
Director of Communications